On location Services

We offer a wide range of off-site services.

Commercial Photography

K's Shutterbugs Photography provides full off-site photography services, including sports, real estate and architectural photography, among others. Please give us a call at 1-405-651-4424.  We'll be happy to help you plan your session.

Event Photography

Please call  1-405-651-4424 to request event photography services. Click below for more information about pricing.

Prices & fees

School Pictures

 1. The photographer comes to the school or center sets up equiptment takes each childs portrait.

 2. In about 5-10 business days the order forms with the proofs come back for the parents to view.  The return date will be stamped on the order forms. 

 3. We will pick up the orders or you mail the orders back. The finished portraits will arrive 10-14 business days later from the day we receive the proof orders.

 4. The school gets free pictures for staff.  Staff needs to turn in free picture order by the turn in date.  If not they have to pay full price.

 5. A full resolution disc can be purchased. 

 6. 10% donation to school is on the first turn in of orders only.

 7.  If a order is wrong call the office with the picture number and what package you are missing. Allow 3-6 weeks dlivery on these. No Refunds. 

 8. On all late orders a $10.00 late fee is applied or orders will be returned. Allow 3-6 weeks delivery on these. Please ask you parents to go online to purchase any late orders after your final portraits are delivered.

 5. We will match any other company offers. Just call and ask Karen.



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